Notion Blueprints

A marketplace to buy & sell notion templates.

Tech Stack

In developing Notion Blueprints, I chose a straightforward yet effective technology stack. My goal was to craft a user-friendly marketplace specifically for Notion templates, where customers could easily buy and creators could conveniently sell their templates. This required integrating a few unique components to ensure seamless functionality and interaction. I opted for a serverless stack from the beginning, focusing on scalability to efficiently support the platform's growth and adapt to the increasing demands of the user community.



Next.js is utilized for it's fast performance, enhanced SEO, and seamless React integration, enabling the creation of interactive, modern web applications.


Tailwind CSS is employed to swiftly design and customize UI components, ensuring responsive and visually consistent layouts across the web application.



Stripe handles the payments securely and handles all payouts to the sellers of the platform.

Magic Auth

Magic auth was used to remove the password management and login with just the email.


MongoDB, a NoSQL database was used for this project as it is easily scalable, maintainable, and serverless.


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