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As a software developer and entrepreneur, I am passionate about transforming ideas into tangible solutions. I thrive on innovation and enjoy sharing my journey and insights to inspire and guide others in their own endeavors.

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Expertise in Full-Stack Development & Artificial Intelligence

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Isaiah Bjorklund - Meta Full-Stack Software Engineer Certificate


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Allyson AI

Your AI Executive Assistant

Bots & Scripting (Python & JS)

Web Scraping Tools

AI Model Development

SaaS/Web3 Development

Landing Page Development

Mobile App Development


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My Tech Stack

Depending on the application that needs to be built, the tech stack will vary but I have listed the technologies that I use the most frequently.



Next.js is utilized for it's fast performance, enhanced SEO, and seamless React integration, enabling the creation of interactive, modern web applications.


Tailwind CSS is employed to swiftly design and customize UI components, ensuring responsive and visually consistent layouts across the web application.

Tools & Libraries

Utilizing a variety of external libraries and tools enables the enhancement of application functionality, integration of advanced features, and ensures a robust and efficient user experience.



APIs serve as the communication bridge between the frontend and server, efficiently handling data transactions and business logic to enhance the application's functionality and user experience. (Python & Javascript)


Microservices architecture breaks down a backend application into smaller, independent services that communicate via APIs, providing scalability, easier maintenance, and faster development cycles.

Databases & Storage

Databases and storage solutions are integral parts of the backend, responsible for securely storing, managing, and retrieving data efficiently to ensure seamless interaction and data integrity for the application.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Machine learning models are used for tasks like image transformation, generating visuals from text, natural language processing, and many other use cases.

Model Deployment

Model deployment involves integrating and running machine learning models in a production environment, ensuring they are accessible, scalable, and maintainable for real-time or batch processing applications.


Fine-tuning is the process of adjusting a pre-trained machine learning model on a specific task or dataset, enhancing its performance and accuracy for more specialized applications.



Rust is a programming language designed for performance and safety, often used in Web3 for creating secure, efficient blockchain applications due to its memory safety and concurrency features.


Anchor is a Rust-based framework for Solana blockchain development, simplifying the creation of secure and efficient smart contracts by providing pre-built tools and libraries.

Solana Web3.js

Solana Web3.js is a JavaScript library that enables developers to interact with the Solana blockchain, facilitating the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) by providing tools for transactions, smart contract interactions, and querying on the Solana network.


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Expanding Your Knowledge Every Week

Join my newsletter where I share my exclusive insights updates on new business trends, tech, AI & entrepreneurship.