AI-Powered Sports Betting Tools

Tech Stack



Next.js is utilized for it's fast performance, enhanced SEO, and seamless React integration, enabling the creation of interactive, modern web applications.

React Native

React native made it simple to build a mobile app that is cross platform for both iOS and Android.


Tailwind CSS is employed to swiftly design and customize UI components, ensuring responsive and visually consistent layouts across the web application.


Stripe & RevenueCat

Stripe handles all the payments securely along with webhooks to ensure subscription status is updated in the database. RevenueCat handles the management of the in-app purchases.



The mobile app and web app use Firebase for Authentication, this allows sign-in with Google, sign-in with Apple, and email/password securely.


MongoDB, a NoSQL database was used for this project as it is easily scalable, maintainable, and serverless.

AI Models

I built AI models to analyze all the major sports leagues and generate a prediction. I also built an AI agent that scrapes the web and analyzes the data for any sports related search the users may have. The OpenAI API was also integrated to give bettors an analysis of GPT vs the Public.

Betting Tools

I built various tools and calculators that help bettors make profitable betting decisions based on mathematics.


The server is hosted on an EC2 instance with a CI/CD pipeline built in with updates from Github.


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